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Par Aurore Jesset – SEPTEMBRE 2008


Ce texte est protégé pour le respect des droits d’auteurs.Son utilisation totale ou partielle doit se faire selon les règles en la matière. Vous pouvez aussi prendre contact avec l’auteure.

Roots in vibration


The emotion is tactile, humid, deep when faced with DOIG’s work, where everything interpenetrates by way of water and the density of nature.


Space and time, dreams and reality intertwine in an intense magic.

Every object can be crossed by another in an osmosis of animate or inanimate beings.  Everything belongs to one entity.  The domain of the living where all is related in the present time, which doesn’t escape the past.


What fascinates me like an obsession which takes root, is the reflection of the character in water, or his shadow on the ground, like a continuation which disappears into the deep, far away, we don’t know where.  The origins are questioned here.  They give a dimension to the character, who becomes animate.  Or is it the contrary?  Our vision is drawn into an impression of movement, our certitudes are shaken.  What gives substance to what, the background to the character, or the evolution of the character to his background?


A dialogue between the intimate and the outside world, between what we guess and what is visible, is woven to infinity.  Our vision is captured in this mysterious encounter, which continually suggests something else, somewhere, behind trees, a wall, under the water.



Also, light is always there, accomplice to the very nature of things, because existence isn’t without light, even in decline.

When a being slips away from life, his reflection, or his shadow, disappears.


Words are mixed with the encounter.  They vibrate with DOIG’s universe, and I hope it’s reciprocal, to touch the being in everyone, in a dance between one’s roots and one’s evolution.








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Translate by Marsha Bouchard



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